Cornerstone Bible School

About Cornerstone Bible School

Cornerstone Bible School is committed to the purpose of Bible study and to aid in bringing individuals to the "measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ". All may attend from any group or denomination who are committed to the study of the Word, are living a life of holiness, and desire to participate in practical Christian service.

Cornerstone Bible School was founded for the purpose of the following:

  1. To present the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in its completeness and to deepen understanding and appreciation for it.
  2. To develop personal biblical conviction, and thus promote a conservative view of applications to Bible doctrine and principles.
  3. To build personal enthusiasm for Bible study and a love for the Truth.
  4. To assist young people in preparing for effective Christian service.
  5. To promote an appreciation for Anabaptist heritage.

The primary purpose for this website is an enrollment tool for those who know about the school and would like to apply. However, if you are seeking a closer walk with God and would like an opportunity to attend, we encourage you to contact us for more information. The school seeks to serve all those who may wish to attend from any group or denomination. Only those, however, who are committed to study the Word, are seeking a life of holiness, and desire to participate in practical Christian service, will be considered.